May 14, 2014

To... Firsts, Pursuits, and Pretty Little Things

What is the first thing you look for in a blog?

For me, I look at a few things-
the main focus of the blog,
the personality behind it- can I relate?
And then of course, most importantly, the PICTURES!

So, why exactly am I telling you all this?
Well because sillies, I have decided to write my
very own fashion/lifestyle blog.  After getting all of the
technical aspects worked out, it was time for me to
sit down and really focus on my first blog post.

The writing of my first blog post lead to five “first”
blog posts- all which consisted of me rambling
on and on and on!

Hence, instead of telling you all of these amazing and
exciting facts about myself,
Note:  I could think of maybe two exciting facts, which are not even very exciting.

I have decided to jump right into the blogging world
with out much of an introduction,
and straight to the important part:
PICTURES of fabulous outfits, shoes, accessories, and bags!!!!

As you scroll through my pictures and read my posts,
I hope that you will be inspired
to go out in the world and find
pretty little things in life
that are worth pursuing!

And then… you can create a new blog for me to follow! J

I hope you lovelies enjoy!

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