Jun 30, 2014

Cream of the "Crop"

 photo f10312be-9337-49d3-a354-d46d045e5ec7_zps9cb7fd5d.jpg

 photo 724b8161-d9dc-4681-962d-fec97311683a_zps6a45c9a3.jpg

 photo 768fcd74-f554-459d-93fb-2fc0bf114661_zpsc7c59f26.jpg

 photo 35c30150-be38-46a7-bdf5-4139b3b1d5ea_zpsfcd3be4d.jpg

 photo db0de718-1c3e-4f93-9d46-d43cf230c58b_zps4ff9e0b0.jpg

 photo 88711504-3a1a-43e7-b449-0b5e39e84e90_zps50d1a033.jpg

 photo fe7189e5-46de-4770-8084-d917b1b4ae35_zps08f51dc9.jpg

 photo 452ade6d-5fda-4898-9c14-d8fac5c33366_zps79538a79.jpg

CROP TOP: Target  SHORTS: Klique SHOES: Tory Burch BRACELET: Stella & Dot 
SUNNIES: Karen Walker

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you all had a great weekend! Most weekends you can find me on the lake or at the pool. Since I have been living in my bathing suit lately, I wanted to do a swim wear/cover up post.  I am just not quite brave enough to rock my bikini on my blog yet.  So.. I decided to do a post on one of my favorite lake day outfits.  I have tons of cute cover ups to wear over my bathing suit which I am sure will be making appearances before the end of the summer.  However, I am saving those for a tropical vacation (which I am really hoping happens soooooon-"hint hint to the boy"), and I have been going with the casual look lately.  For me my go to casual lake look involves a pair of cute cut off shorts and a crop top.  It took me a while to warm up to the crop top, I am so use to wearing longer shirts and tanks.  But.. now I cannot get enough.  For those of you still unsure about the crop top, I recommend pairing them with high waisted shorts or a maxi skirt.  This is an easy way to slowly ease into the crop top trend, without showing very much belly. Oh and by the way, this outfit was under $40 (not including shoes and accessories)! 
Check out Target for cheap but precious crop tops! 
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Hope you all have a great week! 

Jun 27, 2014

Gettin' My Fix On

 photo 809fca2d-f1b6-4979-9d89-a77c9ead73b8_zps14199020.jpg

 photo 556fd33c-ef7d-4f08-8d93-468e168f8ffd_zps32cb6f13.jpg

 photo ebfddd6f-7ca8-4b4f-b32a-8ac7987006f2_zps35f9c281.jpg

 photo d59d4ace-de80-4a19-a370-70932556fc03_zps34bcd4f0.jpg

 photo fa3962bc-0011-4b29-ad08-11c013702b44_zps10ef15f4.jpg

 photo 2aad0af7-7bac-466f-983b-742523fa2dba_zps63745d24.jpg

 photo adfa7685-bf04-4f5b-a3bc-2dc5a885fc65_zps8c6c262a.jpg

SHIRT: Old from Favorite Clothing Company, Similar SHORTS: Entourage Clothing and GiftsSimilar, Adorable SHOES: Tory Burch WATCH: Charming Charlie BRACELETS: Stella & Dot Earrings: Cute SUNNIES: Karen Walker BAG: Tory Burch

Happy Friday lovelies! I planned on starting my weekend from blogging today, and actually decided that I wasn't going to put up a Friday post.  Crazy, right?! Well being a teacher and having my summer free,  it has given me a lot of time to focus on my blogging hobby.  However...blogging takes up more of my day than my actual hours at school! My fellow bloggers can attest to how time consuming blogging can be.  Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining! I am absolutely loving the blogging world.  That's the problem though, I am loving it so much that the sweet boy tells me he may apply to put me on A&E's show Addiction.  Yep.. I could see myself running around my house hiding electronic devices in strange places to get my blogging fix.  Serious business.

How Blogging has affected my everyday life:I take on average 5 pictures of my shoes a day.  Just check my Instagram.. and I am being polite and not posting them all! 

  • I can't eat my food until I have taken at least 10 pictures.  If I am cooking, I will need to add an extra 45 minutes to the recipe to take pictures of each step.  
  • My newest friends are super amazing, sweet, and very fashionable.  And... I have never met them in person.
  • I live in a messy bun and oversized T-shirt to blog, unless it is time to get fancy and shoot for a post of course.  You should know I am cute probably only 40% of the time.. mostly for the weekends.
  • If we are having a conversation and I am staring at my phone, I promise I am listening... I am just also checking my blogger stats, replying to emails, and checking my followers on bloglovin. Wait, what did you say again?!
  • My sweet boy and sister are now my very own personal photographers.
  • Driving down the road I stop to check out graffiti under dirty bridges in bad areas, because how awesome would that look behind me as I am wearing my new bold aztec printed tank?!
  • Constantly creeping strangers out to ask where they purchased their hats, shoes, sunglasses, jeans, iPhone cases, and yes even nail polish!

And my favorite-  Having date night with the boy, and when he picks me up I tell him we have to stop to take pictures of my cute outfit first! I am super lucky he is so dang supportive and is so excited for me, he is willing to do all the strange blogging things I ask.  Nothing like a pre-date photo shoot to spice things up, right?! But yep... this is how this Friday blog post happened.  Super casual in shorts and espadrilles, but hey we can't be fancy all the time right?!

Thanks for stopping by and supporting my new blogging addiction adventure.

Jun 26, 2014


 photo a5aea1b1-1239-477a-b46d-30043360ebb3_zps803d970f.jpg
 photo 3547c46c-1576-4d45-a995-d075a07e2c03_zpsd039833c.jpg
 photo 15d89301-f29f-4dce-b973-83442faebbd8_zps02eb8c7c.jpg
 photo c1799543-865d-4eb9-8850-6adf71a74126_zpsbed863d8.jpg
 photo 3243e7cf-3428-404a-99de-600b4eb3b6a0_zps28153c7e.jpg
 photo 447e969e-0c5d-40e9-b109-56b6fd9d1741_zps4832f964.jpg
 photo 4790e8dd-148b-4168-b05e-a4d601d5852e_zps99719f3f.jpg
 photo photo1-2_zps5447ef66.jpg
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I take quite a few pictures of my shoes.  I can't help it! If I have a cute pair of shoes on, I just want to share! I have had several people ask me about the items in my #shoefies, so I wanted to do a blog post with links to all of the items.  Some of the items in these pictures are older.. but I tried to find close matches that you can still purchase.  Enjoy!

Jun 25, 2014

Get Waisted

 photo 7d1fc4a5-93a4-40e7-a8b0-9862a209897f_zps985a14ce.jpg

 photo 63e457e9-2293-4361-ac73-ab0afad282f1_zpsa361fd5b.jpg

 photo c6477214-53f0-4fb9-8816-9ad1882122e3_zpscf7c33e7.jpg

 photo b3ef4a6c-80c3-4202-9a8a-413e5987504e_zps4b4c90b9.jpg

 photo 8f41f028-ddf2-4a1d-9bc4-0f73bfe400e8_zps35f5a5ff.jpg

BLOUSE: San Joy Old, On Sale, Similar, SHORTS: Alythea, Cute, LoveSimilar,  
 BAG: Tory Burch SHOES: Target Old, IN LOVESimilar, Precious NECKLACE: Medallion Bib 

I love to make bold statements and take risks with my clothing and accessory choices.  But.. there is one trend that absolutely makes me nervous, HIGH WAISTED SHORTS.  If done correctly, they can be absolutely stunning, but if done wrong it can be very scary! I can't even tell you how many pairs of high waisted shorts I have tried on and then wanted to BURN! I still can't bring myself to wear the jean high waisted shorts.  Don't get me wrong, they look amazing on SOME girls.  I am just definitely not one of them! 

After trying on several pairs, I came up with a guide to picking out the perfect high waisted short.  

1. Keep Them Comfy
Choose shorts that will fit snug on the smaller part of your waist or above your hip bone, but not on the thighs! Overly tight high waisted shorts will tend to rise and be super uncomfortable.  Not to mention giving you a very unwanted look.  Camels in this case are not cute ladies... 

2. Be Creative
Go all the way and be creative with your top and accessories.  Lately, I have been loving the crop top with the high waisted shorts. They just make sense together! You could also tuck in a tight tank, throw on a blazer, or mix it up with bold fabrics and florals.  Whatever you do, don't cover them up- tuck that shirt in!

3. Be Bold
Wearing high waisted shorts shows you are confident and enjoy making a statement with your clothing.  How ever you decide to style them just be confident and rock them! Chances are if you feel good in them, you will look good in them! 

What are your thoughts? Are you getting waisted?


Jun 24, 2014

Two Ways Tuesday

I am so excited to announce the very first  "Two Ways Tuesday" on Pretty Little Pursuits.  I have such amazingly gorgeous and trendy friends, and it would be very selfish of me not to share them with my sweet readers.  Plus, I am sure y'all are tired of seeing me every blog post- so... let's spice it up a bit. Every Tuesday I will be featuring one of my adorable friends on the blog.  Each week we will be collaborating together to find that one staple piece in their closet, and then we will dig through both of our closets to find two different ways to style it.

My very first "Two Ways Tuesday" features one of my very best friends, Kathy.  She is such a gorgeous person (which you will see in the pictures below) both on the inside and the outside.  We decided to style an amazing sequined skirt that she had.  Out of all of the different possible ways you can wear this skirt, we decided to go with "The Office" and "Happy Hour" look.  She is such a busy little thing- running from meeting to meeting throughout the day, and when she is finally off of work she is rushing to meet us girls.  It was definitely a no brainer, which two looks we would do.

The Office

 photo c37eac3c-0922-4e36-953a-dd5ba2791af2_zpsb9f8fd8a.jpg

 photo 6b2490db-0f01-427b-9e1c-153b2d935090_zps7e59d161.jpg

 photo 6525fb20-1324-43ef-8647-98b8ab70fb30_zps5dbdf40e.jpg

 photo 7b3e62d7-df15-43d8-8b45-9d1044e38c87_zps0e26c25f.jpg

 photo 6c206771-ab14-4a22-97d2-2005911d8370_zpsd12f86be.jpg

 photo 4656a102-4200-47e6-a9eb-86fca33eeccc_zps461fa6e3.jpg
(Bragging Note:  I love styling Kathy's hair! I would never be able to 
get my own hair to do this.  And it seriously took about 5 minutes to do!)

Happy Hour

 photo 13254520-9e8b-4736-80a7-7366e882c31d_zpsa9b63b84.jpg

 photo e310a06a-d26b-41a6-a507-cc4c0440ba48_zps23634a6d.jpg

 photo a71b1e08-4256-49e7-96d0-22d3cfd1e175_zps9cf6660a.jpg

 photo b23f5879-f93d-4149-a447-aa3b1159f19a_zpsfa4e7fe1.jpg

 photo 4de179c7-85d2-4554-a040-dcb27081c69f_zps0b239e50.jpg

SKIRT STYLED TWO WAYS: SimilarPreciousLove

The Office Look-  BLAZER: Old, Adorable, Cute, Save SHOES: Save, Jessica Simpson EARRINGS:  Tory Burch BRACELETS: H.M. Willow  BAG: Michael Kors 
SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

Happy Hour Look-  BLOUSE: Lovely, Adore  CLUTCH: Tory Burch  SHOES: Nine West (Similar, Kate Spade) WATCH:  Charming Charlie BRACELET: Stella&Dot SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker
NECKLACE:  So in love with the chain to the Tory Burch bag.. I got creative! :)
 (similar, love, splurge)

Transitioning this skirt from the workplace to a night out was very simple!  Take the blazer away, switch out some accessories, wear the skirt placed higher on the waist, and throw the hair down! 
What is your favorite from "The Office" to "Happy Hour" look?

Ps. Isn't Kath just gorgeous?!
Leave some love for her in the comment section below! 
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Jun 23, 2014

Little Treasures

 photo fb46157f-b509-49d7-8b83-5970dd636a2b_zps500d2c24.jpg

 photo d32cb1a8-a482-4fd2-a378-785cfa476808_zps7774d00d.jpg

 photo ac0fe5bd-751f-40b8-b9bd-cb6f88179070_zps015e0bd6.jpg

 photo 7529c8bc-9fe6-4224-b1a8-ecdf3f8e07c2_zpsbabe83bb.jpg

 photo 778f7c96-540d-42a7-bdf6-6ba39639334d_zpsd0ea7b41.jpg

 photo 139a47d5-5da9-4384-ab5e-5984370ab462_zpse9e9ea4e.jpg

MAXI DRESS: Gianni Bini  BAG: Tory Burch  SHOES: Tory Burch  WATCH:  Michael Kors BRACELETS:  H.M. Willow, Pave Links Bracelet

Sooo.... I promised myself I would not buy anymore Maxi dresses this season 
because I have wayyyyyy too many! Wait.. Did I seriously just say that?! 
 I take that back, you can never have too many Maxi dresses!  

 I stumbled upon this little Gianni Bini treasure at Dillard's and wait for it....it was on SALE! Needless to say, I couldn't pass it up and it came home with me.   It is the perfect
summer Maxi with its sheer light weight material and soft pink neutral colors 
(that look perfect with a tan).  I love the simplicity of this dress, but also how classy it is at the same time.  It is definitely one of my go-to summer date night dresses.  

On a completely different note, I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to get all of your entries in for the Tory Burch Giveaway because it is time to announce a winner!!! 
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Congratulations Amy! We cannot wait to see how you style your brand new Tory! :)

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Jun 20, 2014

Friday Favorites

Get your entries in today for the Tory Burch Giveaway!!! 

Friday Favorites

I am all about bright colorful clothing and accessories, but there is just something so refreshing about white and gold...especially during the summer months!  How great does both white and gold look with sun kissed skin?  

I am slowly purchasing the items in the picture above...Ooo blogging- how my credit cards love you!  My favorite piece is the Adalyn Tory Burch bag that has already been featured in several of my posts.  It can spice up any outfit not matter how casual! 

What is your favorite piece from above?!

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