May 29, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away...Hunter Boots you can stay!

 photo 47f5edfb-fba6-4f9f-8fec-22784c259a44_zps41712373.jpg

 photo a8d39568-5820-4752-b045-493b8032acae_zpse0b16034.jpg

 photo 5afc651e-c3f7-4825-a9f3-4d69ed034d1c_zps27f22d34.jpg

 photo 5f043102-bd51-4cf4-a1c9-cce697ae8aaa_zps72ed7ac7.jpg

 photo 0f5489eb-c663-44ac-8de6-456b1ae34994_zpsa42fa023.jpg

 photo 51feeeed-057d-4c1f-87eb-233b4b0d4a4b_zpsb2301bd7.jpg
DRESS: Old (similar)  CARDIGAN: Similar  CROSSBODY BAG:  Tory Burch  RAINBOOTS: Hunter
SOCKS:  Similar  UMBRELLA: Old, Cute  BRACELET: Stella&Dot  WATCH: Charming Charlie

Oh my.... Rain is NOT my friend! For several reasons:
1.  I have curly hair and I automatically turn into Miss Frizzle if there 
is one tiny drop of rain within a 20 mile radius!
2.  Apparently my tan disappears with the sun.
3.  I tend to dress very frumpy.
4. SHOE issues!

Well... There is nothing that I can do about my crazy hair or my lack of a tan.  (Thank you genetics!)
BUT..... I can do something about my tendency to dress frumpy and my fear of ruining cute shoes.  
The answer you ask?  Wait for it..........
My HUNTER rain boots!!!

I love love love these boots.  Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also super cute! 
They come in several different wonderful colors, they are super comfy, and can make any outfit precious! Ehh.. my pictures may not be the cutest (thank you hair and paleness), but I was super excited to write this post because ZAPPOS is having a sale on Hunter boots! 
What are you waiting for?? Go buy some lovelies!!!

May 26, 2014

Playful In Patterns

 photo 9e70df35-7f6c-4ff1-af76-bf88796ba7dc_zpsa7671267.jpg

 photo 4155712e-5c5e-4584-83d5-b7017fed0da7_zpsa8f5eddc.jpg

 photo af2a2f3a-e4ca-487d-82e0-56d6f91d363f_zps8900a550.jpg

 photo 80f3e70a-7794-4f83-aed1-50817cf753ac_zps9d617cc9.jpg

 photo c7eaa1f6-b66c-4af9-832d-098c8612e142_zps0e4cea3e.jpg

 photo 593b95a1-3175-4917-a404-5149748c6af4_zps216bbadf.jpg

Shirt: Ya Los Angeles (similar)  Pants: Sold Design Lab (similar: Roxy, Diane Gilman, Rag & Bone/JEAN, LOVE THESE) Bag: Urban Expressions  Watch: Charming Charlie  Bracelet: Charming Charlie Sunglasses: Charming Charlie Shoes: Nine West (similar, Kate Spade)

Everything about this outfit makes me happy! I have paired together three of my favorite trends for this season- mint, patterns, and gold!  Oh how I am a little too obsessed with all three.  I also had quite the shopping spree at Charming Charlie.  I always go there with a specific purpose and end up leaving with tons of accessories.  Definitely check it out if you haven't already.  

Can you believe I got these pants on SALE?  I found them in a small boutique in Arizona, and have been asked several times where to buy them.  I have tried and tried and tried to find a link for you lovelies but I had no such luck.  I did however find several way precious alternatives!  So precious that I am buying a pair .  :)
Thanks for checking in,

May 23, 2014

Hello Yellow!

 photo 45261b23-f08b-42d1-9572-a9a2080c4107_zps8a162649.jpg

 photo b0a9f31e-c3e5-4d0b-80bd-639196b792f7_zps8db06f9b.jpg

 photo a376073c-6cbd-4960-abb7-1a538f560f66_zpsd00f8e57.jpg

 photo 9780543d-5aa5-4f20-87b6-9cc50ad78dda_zpsbe704acc.jpg
Black Ruffle Top: Nanette Lepore (similar, sweet) Skirt: Nicole Miller (similar + precious +  love)  Shoes: Bakers (similar, cute, favorite)  Clutch:  Tory Burch  Black Bracelet:  Tory Burch  Bracelet:  Stella&Dot  Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Even though I am not too excited about shaving my legs everyday, I am super excited for warmer weather! And warmer weather = cute skirts and sun dresses! There are so many cute patterned skirts out there right now.  This is a skirt that I have had for quite a while, but I am still in love with it.   You have to be careful not to look like a bumble bee when you wear black and yellow together.  But Nicole Miller did a perfect job combining the two colors in this skirt.  Since I have had it for a while, I found some other very cute skirts that are similar to this look.  Which one do you like the best?

Thanks for stopping by!

May 20, 2014

Maxi Dress Madness

 photo 72d289e1-6715-4853-95bb-986627c37f8a_zps54b249fc.jpg 
 photo 3b0512f5-9ec5-4190-a054-2b901275f881_zps8cdd0eb5.jpg
 photo 95025613-f7b0-45f4-9374-d8bab93f9617_zpsbcd71be7.jpg
 photo 18fc5524-9fb5-4618-8230-0b837e36ba16_zpsdd661906.jpg
 photo 74fae21f-0c3c-49c2-94ab-83af84c0f0e4_zps35cc24f7.jpg

MAXI DRESS: Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent   EARRINGS: Tory Burch BRACELET: Stella and Dot CROSSBODY BAG: Tory Burch SUNGLASSES: Versace
*Vintage bracelet and stacked rings are old*
Sooo....apparently my computer was not very happy with all of the work it has been having to do on this blog.  It decided a few nights ago that it would just take a nice little break....a nice little "let's just have to rebuild the hard drive" break.  (Note: BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER! I have been told that so many times, but it just never really seemed important....uh hum...  it is!).  After hours of panic and disappointment from losing everything on my computer, I decided it was time to go shopping!

As I was shopping trying to cheer myself up, I realized that somehow I ended up with 7 maxi dresses in my arms as I walked through the store.  No shirts, shorts, tanks... nope.   Apparently I have become fixated on the maxi!  I love how you can transform maxi dresses into whatever look you are going for- casual, elegant, classy, sophisticated.  You name it, they are just so versatile! 

 It only seemed right that I would dedicate this post to my favorite maxi dress.   It has been my go to dress for casual and elegant occasions alike.  The different shades of browns and greens, and the flowy light weight  material makes it a perfect spring to summer dress.   I love pairing this dress with my Tory bag and sandals, cute bracelets, and I am ready to start the day.  What is your favorite look this season?

By the way, Dillard's has some precious maxis on sale right now, especially by Gianni Bini (one of which I purchased today)!

Thanks for reading loves,

May 19, 2014

Currently Craving

Currently Craving

I have been absolutely obsessed with neutral colors for this summer season, and pairing them with a bright color.  Right now I am really loving the different shades of pink-blush-coral.  The combinations of neutrals and pinks always look great with gold accessories.  And I cannot get enough of gold every and any thing! Oh and aren't the Antonio Berardi peach shoes 
to die for?!?!

May 17, 2014

Awkward Weather

 photo 3b6a4ae9-b9e9-4511-8899-b66b700ab8cb_zps776e8b73.jpg

 photo 4f169392-ca20-49f8-9363-0c7dbc46e6af_zps74a113c7.jpg

 photo 6b5a6649-42d1-4f9c-ac2d-4631afa20940_zpsac758fd1.jpg

 photo dad04a5b-8672-4662-9e91-c7a234dd98a8_zpsaac9e2b4.jpg
Outfit Details:  
SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker TOP: Very J  BAG: Michael Kors (similar)
WATCH:  Michael Kors LEATHER BRACELET: (similar) SHORTS: Klique B SHOES: (similar) NECKLACE: (similar)

The weather has been so bi-polar lately it is hard to dress appropriately.  Although, it has allowed me to pull off one of my favorite looks.  I have always loved wearing shorts with long sleeves....hmm.. weird you may say.  However, it always seems to be sexy yet casual.  What do you think?

Ps. How amazing is that raspberry Kors bag? (Thx mom!)

May 16, 2014

Tanks and Tory

 photo f7896092-6ad7-4c5f-9770-20dd18d827c7_zpsdd52475b.jpg

 photo 0fc9070d-66f9-4ee5-a035-e363d432e25d_zpsfdfe2b81.jpg

 photo 4a1a80a1-ff97-4d33-a008-b03f54b1bf34_zpsb101b801.jpg

 photo 84b943aa-7125-4e35-8da9-30aee8f14809_zps951520d4.jpg
Outfit details:
TOP: Dee Elle (similar) PANTS: Anthropologie's the Stevie Ankle (similar) CLUTCH: Tory Burch
WATCH: Michael Kors SHOES: Shoedazzle (similar) NECKLACE: (similar) SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

I have always been one to gravitate towards longer tops when I go shopping, however, I tried this one on and had to buy it.   It is such a sweet top that can be dressed up or down.  I am really loving the shorter crop top look this season.  They look amazing with a pair of cute skinny jeans, a pair of shorts, or even a long maxi skirt.  

PS. Tory Burch has some amazing items on sale that they added this week.  You  must go check it out! They have their signature reva ballet flats, several cute sandals,  clothes, and amazing bags all on SALE.  If you are a Tory fan, definitely go check it out.

May 14, 2014

To... Firsts, Pursuits, and Pretty Little Things

What is the first thing you look for in a blog?

For me, I look at a few things-
the main focus of the blog,
the personality behind it- can I relate?
And then of course, most importantly, the PICTURES!

So, why exactly am I telling you all this?
Well because sillies, I have decided to write my
very own fashion/lifestyle blog.  After getting all of the
technical aspects worked out, it was time for me to
sit down and really focus on my first blog post.

The writing of my first blog post lead to five “first”
blog posts- all which consisted of me rambling
on and on and on!

Hence, instead of telling you all of these amazing and
exciting facts about myself,
Note:  I could think of maybe two exciting facts, which are not even very exciting.

I have decided to jump right into the blogging world
with out much of an introduction,
and straight to the important part:
PICTURES of fabulous outfits, shoes, accessories, and bags!!!!

As you scroll through my pictures and read my posts,
I hope that you will be inspired
to go out in the world and find
pretty little things in life
that are worth pursuing!

And then… you can create a new blog for me to follow! J

I hope you lovelies enjoy!

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