May 29, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away...Hunter Boots you can stay!

 photo 47f5edfb-fba6-4f9f-8fec-22784c259a44_zps41712373.jpg

 photo a8d39568-5820-4752-b045-493b8032acae_zpse0b16034.jpg

 photo 5afc651e-c3f7-4825-a9f3-4d69ed034d1c_zps27f22d34.jpg

 photo 5f043102-bd51-4cf4-a1c9-cce697ae8aaa_zps72ed7ac7.jpg

 photo 0f5489eb-c663-44ac-8de6-456b1ae34994_zpsa42fa023.jpg

 photo 51feeeed-057d-4c1f-87eb-233b4b0d4a4b_zpsb2301bd7.jpg
DRESS: Old (similar)  CARDIGAN: Similar  CROSSBODY BAG:  Tory Burch  RAINBOOTS: Hunter
SOCKS:  Similar  UMBRELLA: Old, Cute  BRACELET: Stella&Dot  WATCH: Charming Charlie

Oh my.... Rain is NOT my friend! For several reasons:
1.  I have curly hair and I automatically turn into Miss Frizzle if there 
is one tiny drop of rain within a 20 mile radius!
2.  Apparently my tan disappears with the sun.
3.  I tend to dress very frumpy.
4. SHOE issues!

Well... There is nothing that I can do about my crazy hair or my lack of a tan.  (Thank you genetics!)
BUT..... I can do something about my tendency to dress frumpy and my fear of ruining cute shoes.  
The answer you ask?  Wait for it..........
My HUNTER rain boots!!!

I love love love these boots.  Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also super cute! 
They come in several different wonderful colors, they are super comfy, and can make any outfit precious! Ehh.. my pictures may not be the cutest (thank you hair and paleness), but I was super excited to write this post because ZAPPOS is having a sale on Hunter boots! 
What are you waiting for?? Go buy some lovelies!!!


  1. Love that outfit!! If I wasn't in the desert I would totally be buying some Hunter boots right now!!

    1. Hahaha well if you come here for the summer, they way our weather has been you may need to purchase some!

  2. wow! such amazing wet weather style! boots and socks are my fave combo! you look great!


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