The shirt sums it up!

I thought maybe the best way to get something on the "About" page would be to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. I always enjoy reading my friends "Ten Facts About Me", and I am a huge fan of simplified bulleted/get to the point lists.  Soo....That is exactly what I have decided to do.

Here are my top 10 random "about me" facts:
(Keep in mind they are VERY random)

10.  I am a special education teacher.
And I have the sweetest students this year,
and some pretty fabulous co-workers.

9.  I am OBSESSED with anything Tory Burch.
Having a teaching salary and this obsession=bad news!

8.  Oreos are my drug of choice. 
Oh, and donuts.
...and chicken nuggets.

7.  I have the best pup dog in this world- his name is Hank and he is my child.
(also known as: Roo, Doodle, Bear, Hanky, Hankard, Hankopotamus,
 boogs, and the list only continues)

6. My mom is pretty much the most
amazing person in the world!

5.  As you start following my blog you will soon see that I am not very graceful and can be quite awkward.
(which makes taking good pictures for this blog quite the process)

4. I have some wonderful best friends, which include my awesome sisters!
They will also get some blog time-stay tuned for that excitingness!

3.  Wine..Wine..Wine.
Need I say more?

2.  I love sea lions and Capybaras 
(google it-I promise you will be glad you did)

1. I over use the exclamation point.
Sorry friends!!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better- hope that wasn't too painful!

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