Jan 12, 2015

Winter Wonderland Wishing

In order to truly appreciate these pictures,  I must tell you the story behind them. 

My little sister is an extremely talented artist and photographer.  When she has some free time in her busy schedule, she often takes pictures for the blog.  So naturally, we wanted her to take our engagement photos.  All I could picture for the setting was snow and a picnic.  Crazy, I know!   Snow would be close to impossible, so instead we settled for a picnic in the red rocks.  Since my parents live in Sedona, AZ,  we decided to wait to take our photos over the Christmas break.  We knew we were pushing it because we needed them for our Save the Date and according to all of the wedding planning websites, those were suppose to go out 6-7 months before the wedding... Hmm..  

We get to Arizona, and decided to take a little hike up the red rocks in Sedona for our pictures.  We got some really gorgeous shots, but we didn't get the picnic shots that I had stuck in my head.  We planned on going out the next day, but my poor little sis got sick, and then left for Italy the following day.  Panic set in and I remembered my older sister having gorgeous engagement photos in the Sedona area, so I had her contact her photographer.  Our fingers were crossed that she would be open and willing to do it with a four or so day notice.  Thankfully she is absolutely amazing and fit us in before a wedding she was shooting.  

Fast forward to two days before...a "freak" snowstorm hits Sedona!  Even better- Michelle told us it would be nearly impossible to get some of the pictures we wanted because Crescent Moon Ranch always extremely crowded as it was one of the most photographed places in the southwest.  But guess what?  When we got there, it was EMPTY! Not one person was there.  

I honestly do not know how we got so lucky.  To be even more honest, everything with our wedding seems to be going this way.  (I better knock on some wood.)

Michelle from Michelle Lee Photography was absolutely amazing to work with and made us feel extremely comfortable.  We wanted to be taken back to that day of laughter and happiness every time we looked at our photos.  We have no doubt in our mind that for years to come these photos will do just that.  We could not be any happier.  They surpassed anything we could have even imagined.  

ALERT: Picture overload!  Y'all I just could not decide!  Also, visit Michelle's blog if you would like to view even more! 

I was going to wait to post these until everyone received their Save the Date, but I just couldn't wait to share them!! Save the Dates have been ordered, and will be in the mail soon!

Sorry for all of the rambling and extremely long post today!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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