Jun 24, 2014

Two Ways Tuesday

I am so excited to announce the very first  "Two Ways Tuesday" on Pretty Little Pursuits.  I have such amazingly gorgeous and trendy friends, and it would be very selfish of me not to share them with my sweet readers.  Plus, I am sure y'all are tired of seeing me every blog post- so... let's spice it up a bit. Every Tuesday I will be featuring one of my adorable friends on the blog.  Each week we will be collaborating together to find that one staple piece in their closet, and then we will dig through both of our closets to find two different ways to style it.

My very first "Two Ways Tuesday" features one of my very best friends, Kathy.  She is such a gorgeous person (which you will see in the pictures below) both on the inside and the outside.  We decided to style an amazing sequined skirt that she had.  Out of all of the different possible ways you can wear this skirt, we decided to go with "The Office" and "Happy Hour" look.  She is such a busy little thing- running from meeting to meeting throughout the day, and when she is finally off of work she is rushing to meet us girls.  It was definitely a no brainer, which two looks we would do.

The Office

 photo c37eac3c-0922-4e36-953a-dd5ba2791af2_zpsb9f8fd8a.jpg

 photo 6b2490db-0f01-427b-9e1c-153b2d935090_zps7e59d161.jpg

 photo 6525fb20-1324-43ef-8647-98b8ab70fb30_zps5dbdf40e.jpg

 photo 7b3e62d7-df15-43d8-8b45-9d1044e38c87_zps0e26c25f.jpg

 photo 6c206771-ab14-4a22-97d2-2005911d8370_zpsd12f86be.jpg

 photo 4656a102-4200-47e6-a9eb-86fca33eeccc_zps461fa6e3.jpg
(Bragging Note:  I love styling Kathy's hair! I would never be able to 
get my own hair to do this.  And it seriously took about 5 minutes to do!)

Happy Hour

 photo 13254520-9e8b-4736-80a7-7366e882c31d_zpsa9b63b84.jpg

 photo e310a06a-d26b-41a6-a507-cc4c0440ba48_zps23634a6d.jpg

 photo a71b1e08-4256-49e7-96d0-22d3cfd1e175_zps9cf6660a.jpg

 photo b23f5879-f93d-4149-a447-aa3b1159f19a_zpsfa4e7fe1.jpg

 photo 4de179c7-85d2-4554-a040-dcb27081c69f_zps0b239e50.jpg

SKIRT STYLED TWO WAYS: SimilarPreciousLove

The Office Look-  BLAZER: Old, Adorable, Cute, Save SHOES: Save, Jessica Simpson EARRINGS:  Tory Burch BRACELETS: H.M. Willow  BAG: Michael Kors 
SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker

Happy Hour Look-  BLOUSE: Lovely, Adore  CLUTCH: Tory Burch  SHOES: Nine West (Similar, Kate Spade) WATCH:  Charming Charlie BRACELET: Stella&Dot SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker
NECKLACE:  So in love with the chain to the Tory Burch bag.. I got creative! :)
 (similar, love, splurge)

Transitioning this skirt from the workplace to a night out was very simple!  Take the blazer away, switch out some accessories, wear the skirt placed higher on the waist, and throw the hair down! 
What is your favorite from "The Office" to "Happy Hour" look?

Ps. Isn't Kath just gorgeous?!
Leave some love for her in the comment section below! 
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