Oct 30, 2014

He said "YES"!

Dream Wedding Venue: Italy


I would like to apologize to anyone whose social media (Twitter, Bloglovin', and Facebook) accounts that I may have blown up with wedding everything last night! I don't know how I managed to do it, but I somehow shared everything from this post in individual posts, published them, and sent them out through all social media sites.  I still have no earthly idea how it happened.... I guess that is what you get for linking everything together!
I had this post scheduled for Friday, but I decided to post today to make sure my family and friends know that I haven't decided to elope!  And no I am not that crazy girlfriend trying to "subtly" drop hints to her boyfriend either!  I promise I was just trying to do research for this blog post!! Ahhhh!!!

Okay, now you may ask what exactly is the reason behind this blog post if I am not getting married any time soon?!  Well.. I was asked to choose my dream destination wedding and pick a dress inspired by the location.  Of course I picked Italy because umm who wouldn't?!  And how gorgeous would a vintage, glamour inspired wedding be in Italy?! The accessories I chose above (brooch bouquets, the vintage headpiece, and THOSE SHOES) all add that extra vintage touch.  And most importantly the DRESS!  How gorgeous is the lace detailing?!  I found this dress on Lover.ly.  If you are looking for a wedding dress you must check out their dress page!  If you are a bride, maid of honor, groom, or just a wedding enthusiast you will LOVE Lover.ly!  It is a one stop shop to discover wedding ideas, receive tips, purchase wedding products, and share all wedding finds!

 Happy Planning (or like me.. Dreaming)!

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