Sep 10, 2014

Wednesday Beauty Wants!

I absolutely love everything to do with blogging!! But my absolute favorite part of blogging is reading other blogs and learning about new makeup, fashion, and beauty products.  Which in return has lead to a terrible disorder shopping problem.  So.. I have put myself on a budget and have limited the amount of money I will spend on beauty and fashion. It is a SAD day, I know!!! The day I decide to do this.. would be today.. the kind of day where I feel like there are so many things that I MUST try out (all for the blog of course)!  Instead of buying all of these things- I will be making a list and blogging about how awesome they look! :) 

The top five beauty products I cannot wait to get my hands on are as follows:

1.  BELLAMI HAIR EXTENSIONS-  My friends look at me like I am crazy when I say I want hair extensions because I already have such long hair.  And they are right! I do have long hair, but I also want a thick full head of locks.  Not to mention I have curly hair and I tend to straighten it a lot...and I dye it. Ekkkk no bueno.. I know! Needless to say my hair looks like it is riding the struggle bus sometimes.  I have done so much research and have come to the conclusion that when I do buy hair extensions (the kind that clip in), I will definitely buy them from Bellami Hair.  I first heard of them through one of my favorite fashion blogs, The Sweetest Thing.  And if you take one look at her hair- I promise you will want them too!!!  If you are interested in buying these hair extensions, you can use Emily's promo code: Emily 5 (to receive $5 off). 

She also has wonderful videos on which ones she wears, how to clip them in, and how to style them.  For more info on her hair, visit her site and watch her hair tutorials!! I promise you will fall in love with her hair...and her blog! 

2.  BELLAMI 6 IN 1 COMPLETE CURLING SET:  I also heard about this product on Emily's blog, the Sweetest thing.  Click on the link above to see how she uses this tool to curl her hair.  I love the idea of only having one wand, but with interchangeable barrels to get several different looks.  I have my "old faithful" curling wand that I love but when it decides to die on me this is the one I will be purchasing to replace it! Use coupon code 160off6in1  to receive $160 off of this wand!!! 

Picture from Bellami Hair

I have wanted this for quite some time now! I am very obsessive about my teeth and their whiteness! But.. I have very sensitive teeth and that makes finding a whitening product that doesn't give me the "I want to pull me teeth out of my face" feeling very difficult! I have done a lot of research on sensitivity and teeth whitening which lead me to this product.  I have heard great things from my friends who own this system, and great things from a blog I stumbled upon looking for reviews.  

To look at specific purchase details visit Sephora

I found a very descriptive and helpful review on the Ali Volat Propiis Blog. She documents her results through 5 days and maintenance using this product.  The picture above is her day 2 result!!! 

4.  RODAN & FIELDS:  I have been using Rodan & Fields since about November of last year, and I get asked all the time about my skin care regiment! I absolutely love everything about Rodan and Fields- and definitely give R&F credit for my skin looking so great.  Before I started using it, I was starting to develop brown spots from the sun and I just couldn't get rid of black heads (YUCK!!).   A sweet friend of mine introduced me to this skin care regiment and I have been hooked every since.   Stay tuned for a blog post specifically designated to just Rodan & Fields and my personal results. 

These pictures were taken about three months apart both with NO MAKEUP.  My skin wasn't terrible before I started using R&F, but I did have brown spots, red spots, yellow spots- you name it.  Now, I feel like my skin is just much healthier and less spotty and splotchy!  Ps. ADHD kicking in... How awesome are my eyelash extension in the picture on the right?! That is with no mascara!! 

Regiment I am currently using

I am so excited to see what they have in store for this Friday! They are releasing a new product for eyes and it is receiving a lot of press coverage!! 

If you are interested in learning more about Rodan and Fields- I have a great consultant! You can visit her website or email her with any of your questions.  If you do decide you would like to make a purchase, tell her you heard about the products through the Pretty Little Pursuits Blog and you will become a preferred customer without the fee, receive free shipping, and 10% off your order! :)

5.  NeuLASH by SKIN RESEARCH LABORATORIES LASH ENHANCING SERUM:  I have tried several different lash serums to keep my eyelashes looking longer and thicker.  I have not tried this serum yet, but I have read great reviews on this product! This eyelash serum contains vitamins, plant extracts, and peptides to soothe, nourish, protect, and hydrate lashes to increase eyelash length and volume.  

All of the opinions in this post are my own and I have not or will not be compensated in any way for any of the products mentioned above.  I just wanted to share with y'all some of the exciting products I have been researching, and hope to buy.  If you use any of the products above, please leave a comment below or shoot me and email with your own personal review.  I would love to hear all of the good and bad! It will definitely help me when making purchasing decisions! :)

Thanks for stopping by loves!

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