Sep 3, 2014

Bloopity Bloop

Soo.... I spend A LOT of time taking pictures for the blog, then reviewing the pictures, editing those pictures, and then putting those pictures on the blog for everyone to see.  Well... today I decided to do a little bit of a different type of post.  My favorite part of going through photo shoot pictures is to look at the blooper pictures.  I love laughing at myself and thinking:

 "What in the world were you doing girl? That ain't cute!"

I decided to share some of my blooper pictures today in hopes of maybe giving you a good laugh! Because sometimes we just need to laugh..especially at ourselves!  And it would be very selfish of me not to share these pictures!!  Don't worry I won't share them all today.. I'll save some for a rainy day. 

Your welcome!

I whip my hair back and forth..

Look fierce- think model.... Oh look a plane! 

Anyone seen my stunna shades?

Um.. excuse me can you take the picture already? 

Opps.. I shouldn't have bent over in these tiny shorts....

Oh wait.. so duck faces aren't cute?

What about this?? Any cuter?

Talk to the hand because the face don't understand!

Wait..seriously what just crawled on me?! 

Oh and did I mention how exhausting photo shoots can be?!

 Shh...ain't nobody got time for that!


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