Jul 11, 2014

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in the middle of a very last minute, not very well planned move.  I planned on moving within the next few months or so, but the movers had a different idea.  They were booked for several weeks in advance but had a cancelation - and gave me a days notice.  I am not complaining though I promise!! I would much rather pack everything up in a day then have to carry all of my belonging up several sets of stairs by myself.  And I had tons of family in town to help so it really has not been bad at all.  But.. the time I had set aside for blogging is now being used for moving, decorating, and getting things ready for a yard sale.  So.. I decided I would switch things up a little bit on the blog today.  Since I am in the decorating mindset and I have been scouring the internet for design ideas, I decided I would share some inspiration pictures with you.  These are a few DIY and design ideas that I am hoping I can recreate in my new apartment.  I will post pictures of my own recreations and DIY projects soon! Wish me luck!

Let's start with the bedroom.....
Bedroom Furniture Inspiration

I have beautiful old exposed brick walls, and I thought mirrored furniture would look really neat in my bedroom space.  My mom actually had this idea from a mirrored desk she found.  She has all the designing abilities, I just go along with it!

taken from Pinterest

taken from Pinterest

Inspiration taken from Architectural Digest

Inspiration taken from Pinterest

I am in desperate need of a vanity, and I am loving this look.  There is just something so classy and "Sex and the City" about it.  My mom actually found a mirrored desk at a consignment store that we are turning into a vanity.  Stay tuned for our take on this.

Headboard Inspiration

There are two type of headboards that I am absolutely loving right now.  The arch head board and the button tufted headboard are my two faves.  I cannot seem to find those two looks in one head board, so I will be attempting to make my own.  Here are the two looks I am using for inspiration on this project. 

Inspiration taken from Rosenberry Rooms
I am loving the shape of this headboard.

Inspration taken from Pottery Barn
Love the button tufted details of this headboard!

Color Inspiration
Possible colors I may go with in my bedroom.

taken from Modernly Wed

image from holloweb

I have beautiful exposed brick walls in my new apartment that I want to show off.

Duvet from Pottery Barn

Just a few ideas I have so far! Check back for how it actually turns out! Let me know your ideas! What do you love, hate, more design ideas, etc. I want to hear opinions ladies!! 

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