Jul 6, 2015

Fake It Until You Make it!

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with good handwriting.  I am pretty sure that is the teacher that has always lived inside of me! She I have been practicing my handwriting and calligraphy skills for as long as I can remember.  Every Christmas I asked for new calligraphy pens to go with my set... and I am talking at like 6 years old this life long obsession started.  HOWEVER, that does not mean that I have the best handwriting! So.. when it came to addressing our Save The Dates, I practiced and practiced and practiced until my hand was stuck in the writing position.  Not pleased with my results I decided to FAKE IT!  

That's right, I cheated! But I promise you, if you need to address a ton of envelopes, this is totally worth it and you won't have to pay someone hundreds of dollars to do it for you.

Okay so it's this easy!

Step 1:  Choose a font.  There are several free font websites that allow you to simply download any of their fonts for free! My favorites are dafont.com  and  fontsquirrel.com.  There are sooo many out there though so just google "free fonts" and take your pick.  

Step 2: Format your printer to print on your envelope size. 

Step 3: Start printing your addresses on your envelopes in the lightest grey you can find, but can still see in order to trace.  I have found that other lighter colors seem to pop through your pen color, but grey didn't. 

Step 4: Take the amazing new pen you bought and trace over your printed addresses.   

That's all folks!! 

It is super easy, looks amazing, and saves you time and MONEY! 
You can get as fancy as you want or as simple as you want depending on the font you choose.  I decided to go with simple since I had SO many to send out.  If you decided to take this route, send me a picture of your addressed envelopes and I will add them to this post! :) 


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